Special Effects

Special Effects


- Basic effects (Explosions, fire, gunshots, etc.): R10 000 per minute footage*

- Camera tracking: R10 000 per minute footage*

- Green screen effects: R15 000 per minute footage*

*Price does not include models used for effects. For a list on pricing of models please see the Animation page.

Additional Info, terms and conditions

Although we try to accommodate to every client's needs, there are unfortunately some terms and conditions. We will try our best to fulfil your needs as much as possible, however, if a request is made that exceeds the budget of Infiny Creations we reserve the right to increase the cost of an animation or model. The pricing stated above is the average cost of each item, and can lower or increase depending on the quality and complexity that the client requests.

Regions: Although Infiny Creations is based within Gauteng, animations can be created remotely to clients from anywhere in the world. 

Turnaround time: Depending on model complexity, each model can take between one and three weeks to be completed. The Infiny Creations crew will try their best to produce a model as quickly as possible. After models have been completed, it can take between one and four days per minute of animation to be completed. If changes are made to a draft, it may take up to a week for the next draft to be completed. A maximum of 5 drafts will be allowed per project.

First meetup: A meetup can be arranged before any contracts are signed for any concerns that the client might have if requested. Any meetup outside Gauteng (limited to Bloemfontein and Kimberley) might have up to a month delay, depending on transport and accommodation arrangements. It can however be arranged for a meetup to happen over Skype or any similar communication methods.

Deposit: In order to ensure that clients adhere to the signed contract, a deposit of R5 000 will be required to complete a booking. If a booking is cancelled more than 3 months ahead the full deposit will be returned. If a booking is cancelled less than 3 months but more than 1 month ahead, only 50% of the deposit will be returned. If a booking is cancelled less than 1 month ahead, the full deposit will be lost.

Payment: Once the client is happy with the final draft they will be required to provide the rest of their payment before receiving the final full HD version of their animation via Dropbox or Google Drive.