R250 per hour*


- Boom microphone with wind muffler (Rode NTG-2)

- 2x Radio microphones (Sony UWP-D11)

- Recorder with stereo/ms microphone (Zoom H6)

- Boom swinger + recordist

*Equipment not available separately. Only qualified Infiny Creations crew members are allowed to handle and use sound equipment.


R200 per minute footage


- Dialogue clean-up
- Foley

- Sound effects

- Ambience

- Music

- Level mixing

- EBU R128 compliant

Additional Info, terms and conditions

Although we try to accommodate to every client's needs, there are unfortunately some terms and conditions. We will try our best to fulfil your needs as much as possible, however, if a request is made that exceeds the budget of Infiny Creations we reserve the right to increase the cost of recording and/or editing.

Regions: In and around Gauteng, Bloemfontein and Kimberley of up to a distance of 100km.

Areas outside of the above mentioned regions will only be accommodated if transport and accommodation for the Infiny Creations crew is paid for in full by the client.

Turnaround time: Audio editing can take between one to two days for every 5 minutes of sound editing.

First meetup: A meetup can be arranged before any contracts are signed for any concerns that the client might have if requested. Any meetup outside Gauteng (limited to Bloemfontein and Kimberley) might have up to a month delay, depending on transport and accommodation arrangements. It can however be arranged for a meetup to happen over Skype or any similar communication methods.


- Recording: Sound recording payments have to be made at the end of every recording day, unless otherwise agreed upon by Infiny Creations and the client.

- Editing: Once a client is happy with the final draft, the client must pay the amount due per minute of sound design. Once payment has been received, the client will then receive the full length of sound design over Dropbox or Google Drive.